Monday, September 12, 2011

8.21.11 Day 61 Meals on top of Meals.

8.21.11 Day 61 Meals on top of Meals.

I slept in as late as I possibly could today. I needed sleep and rest desperately. Once I was finally awake and mobile, I decided to ride down to the Fremont Sunday market as my brother had suggested. As I entered the market, I saw the “Manog Lady” I’d heard about so I stopped to get a Mexican style mango. The mango is peeled, then shoved onto a chopstick, then sliced and covered with chili powder, lime juice and salt. At first it sounded like an unusual concoction of flavors, but it ended up being quite good. I perused the market as I gobbled down the mango. Many people stopped me and wondered what the hell I was eating and with mouth full of juicy mango, I’d point at the “mango lady” and grunt. By the time I devoured the mango, I was at another food stand. This time nachos. I ordered the small plate and was delighted at how good it actually looked. I have a thing for nachos and Ive eaten a lot of nachos as I travel and these are the best Ive had on this trip. Good sliced beef, white cheese, fresh homemade salsa, everything was as it should be. I also got a Horchata drink that ended up being the best Ive had. Im liking this Fremont market. With a big plate full of nachos, I sat down on the curb and feasted. I was pretty full but when I walked by the empanadas, I got one anyways. Now I can barely walk but I managed to waddle through the rest of the market sipping on my horchata. I found a book about riding bicycles in Puget Sound for my brother and bought him a pound of Rainier cherries. Well, almost a pound, I had a few handfuls.

Fremont Market

Mexican style mango

nachos and horchata

Back on the bike, I headed back towards my brothers place to let the full belly sit. On the way back, I decided I wanted a drink so I stopped by a coffee shop and got a pomegranate tea. While sitting there sipping on my tea, I noticed a Pho place across the street. Its been a while since Ive had pho. I think Ill waddle over and have a bowl. Cant have pho without some boba tea. I barely managed to shovel the last bite into my mouth. Waddled back to the bike and sat on the bike for a minute. Oh my god, what did I just do to myself. At the apartment I just sat there reading for a while. I couldn’t lay down and I couldn’t move. I could just sit.

Eventually my brother came home from work and wanted to get dinner. Dinner….Ive already eaten three meals today, but sure, why not. We decided on a Greek restaurant in Bellevue. It was a nice drive into town and at the restaurant, we got the Farmers Dinner and the kabobs. The meal was massive. As soon as it came out, I knew I was in trouble. I was going to be defeated by my food for the first time in a very long time. It was a great dinner, but I hardly put a dent into it. I left absolutely stuffed and regretting those last few bites desperately attempting to make it look like I ate something off the plate. Then after dinner, we went to a ice cream shop that made homemade ice cream and special flavors. The flavor of the day was banana cream pie and actually really tasted like bananas. Regrettably, I ordered a coffee drink instead of the ice cream. It was good, but the ice cream was better. Now I am really and truly filled to the brim. I cant take anymore. We went back to the apartment and watched some you tube videos and then a movie.

Its back to riding tomorrow. Need to do some work on the bike and start making my way up to Alaska.

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